About Meg

Meg in VeniceIf you don’t know Meg then you’re missing out. Meg is a very special lady. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just 19. She is now 22 and has just finished her finals at Warwick University.

Her tumour is tricky; it is quietly malignant and in tiger country – not easy to reach. So we have come to the Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA where the technology and expertise exists that will safely remove her brain tumour.

Children’s is the only paediatric hospital to have an MRI/OR in the US. And because Meg is under 26 she is able to use these facilities. She gets playtime built into her schedule and during her pre-op day can use the playmat in the activity centre. Lucky Meg!

So follow Meg’s progress and keep those writing those comments. Meg is a long way from home. To know that you are thinking about her will hasten her recovery so that she can return home again soon.