A little message from Meg

Dictated by Meg:

What a relief! My first memory after waking up was Prof Black telling me he got it all out. Can’t say I’m feeling marvelous, but it’s so nice to know I can only get better. Still in intensive care because there aren’t any free beds at the moment. Still very wired up, but managed to get up today and had a little sponge bath. The nurses and doctors are all very lovely. Yesterday I was busy giggling at the questions the doctors asked me and gave everyone a Royal wave as I left the holding area. Apparently I continued chatting all the way down to surgery. Got to love drugs!

Thank you for all your messages that keep coming through. Although I can’t look at the screen Josh keeps reading them out to me. Love to you all x x x

 P.S. Well done to my girls back at Warwick for finishing their finals! x

Meg - intensive care

Hello from Boston!

Hello everyone!

Thank you all so much for my messages, it really makes a difference to know that everyone is sending lovely thoughts to us all across the pond!

Had pre-ops stuff today. It all went fine and they all seem very nice. There was a film about a pig to watch in the waiting room so it wasn’t too boring… We had time to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum afterwards and now just sitting in the sun waiting for my MRI scans which are at 3.45pm.

I must say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone (especially Josh) for my good luck book! It’s amazing and was a complete surprise. I can’t believe how good you all are at keeping secrets!! There were many happy tears (from us all) when I opened it and it’s not left my side. Thank you x x x

Well, I don’t want to bore you so I’ll go, but next time I write on here I’LL BE ALL FIXED!!!

Lots and lots of love to you all, Meg x x

Children’s - entrance