Up and about

Much to our amazement Meg is continuing to recover really quickly. This afternoon we went for a little walk down the corridor and then for a trip in the chair down to the beautiful hospital garden. The Prouty Garden is a beautiful oasis of green amongst the hospital buildings and a perfect spot for a bit of lunch in the open air. Here’s some pics to whet your appetite for our lovely little lady :o)

Meg Helen and Peter in the Prouty Garden

She’s having a nap now but will dictate a little message for you all later…

Meg and Josh in the Prouty Garden

Lots of love to everyone back home x


Wow.. what a day! I can’t believe we’ve been in Boston for barely 48 hours and so much has happened.

Today really was a big long wait, but it was worth it. Meg was in surgery for 8 hours, and emerged soon after in intensive care with a funky hairstyle! (Neurosurgeons aren’t noted for their hairstyling but even Prof Black was pleased with his handiwork!)

It was a huge relief to hear from Prof Black and his team that everything went smoothly. But it was just magic to see a sleepy Meg in intensive care. She talked to us and within a few hours was looking her normal self. First thing she was allowed were a few ice cubes to sooth her throat and she really liked them – you should have seen her eyes light up when she was allowed some cold water! Tomorrow she can have breakfast and she’ll move to the ward. She’s such a star she’ll be better in no time :o)

She’s sleeping now and Helen and Peter are staying with her tonight. Thank you all so much for all your comments and emails.  You’ve really helped keep us going (and given us something to distract us while we were waiting!) and I know Meg is really touched by your kind words.

Meg has made it!

Mission status (active)

15.00 hours - somewhere near the front.
Operation nearing completion.
Latest intelligence report suggests the enemy has been routed.
Commander in Chief Prof Black is leading a final sweep of the area.
Meg 'lovely' Jones is stable.
Next update at 16.00 hours.

Mission status (active)

12.40 hours - somewhere near the front.
Mission to resect tumour commenced at 0800hrs and is well underway.
Key operative Meg 'lovely' Jones working very hard under (warm) cover.
Commander in Chief Prof Black is in control.
We are completely outnumbered by allied forces in scrubs!
Next status update at 13.15 hours.
P.S. It's D-Day!