Stranger than fiction

Sadly, this will be our last post. Meg is ALL FIXED (apart from wobbly eyes) and we want her to have a few days of chilling (in this heat) and resting.  We have a couple of loose ends to tie up at Children’s this week and then we hope to change our flights so that we can return early. We have been reflecting on the whole experience and have identified some of the more surreal moments:

  • While waiting in the parents’ area during Meg’s surgery we chatted to another couple whose baby was having surgery. The baby’s father is a paediatrician – and a Wykehamist! He went to Winchester College so he and Josh compared notes about their experiences.
  • While still waiting we were treated to a harpist,  two clowns (Dr Maladjusted), a robot, a chaplain and Doris. Doris was our serenely calm updater.
  • While still, still waiting we had access to our own cafe, telephone, beds – you name it, we had it.
  • At Legal Seafoods (where we had dinner with PB) the table water was Hildon Water – all the way from Broughton, our next village!
  • Eating tea and buns at 3am at Au Bon Pain in Children’s during Meg’s first night in ICU.
  • Listening to the Archers and Test Match Special in ICU – wireless and mobiles allowed.
  • No hot doctors. At all. Anywhere. Except for PB. How disappointing is that?
  • A prescription for Meg’s epilepsy medicine was given to the pharmacy for dispensing. The cost? $550. Luckily, we had brought plenty with us from the UK.
  • Josh’s haircut taking 80 minutes.
  • The amount cars use their horns. One guy drove through a red light. The driver behind him leant on his horn because he was going through too – and the first car wasn’t going through fast enough.
  • A police presence at all road works. Sometimes there are five police in attendance. Not doing very much.
  • Spending hours watching the house opposite our B and B being moved. And piles of earth being shifted.
  • Eating a side of fries with a coffee – after dinner (Josh).
  • Browsing in bookshops until 11pm.

And the most amazing thing of all? That Meg is wonderfully well, due to the skill and care of all at Children’s and because none of us (and that includes you) ever once gave up hope.

Bless you all

Helen XX

PS Now go buy your ball tickets!

All of us at the Bertram Inn


15 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction

  1. Well done chaps! Mission accomplished…

    We look forward to seeing you all back in Blighty…

    And, if you are reading this, Professor Black – our eternal thanks to you for your expertise and amazing surgical skills – you have made all our dreams come true…

    best wishes to you all – and LOTS OF LOVE to Meg

    Mark, Sue, Jenny and Tora (others AWOL…!)

  2. Wow Meg, coming home early!? That’s ace. We’ve just had a hectic but fun weekend helping with the Hello Martha – Walking on Sunshine Summer Ball. We were all thinking of you and can’t wait for you to come home. Lovely to hear everything has gone so ‘spiffingly’.

    And Josh I didn’t know you were a Wykehamist?!? If you get a spare mo (or when you get home) visit my website and read my dissertation on Wykehamist Sarcasm I think actually the website isn’t working too well but if you click on the for_internet.doc files you should find the word documents there. 100s of Old Boys helped me write it. Book hopefully soon to be started.

    Take care and best wishes to you all, Bonnie x

  3. Hi meg,

    great news that your coming home early, you star!! Hope we can meet up in the summer, you never know you might meet Thomas. Every one at Laura Ashley sends their love.

    Love Lesley, Andy meagn and Thomas

  4. I think that you should be entered into some kind of weird and wonderful hair styles competition, if such a thing exists. I think I actually emmitted a girly giggle following a photo of the last one (actually… not the last one… in the last one your hair seems back to normal!)

    Sorry I’ve not left a message for a few days, but obviously I’m always thinking of you and the family. Glad everything seems to have gone perfectly and hope you can now enjoy a relaxing few weeks in Boston.

    Oh, and I agree with Bickley… get Chaz Prof Black’s number!

    Lots of love (and from Sam too)… xxxx

  5. Greetings to the fabulous four.

    What wonderful news. This blog has been linked to a happy factor since the beginning and it will be missed.But it will be far better to have you all back home again where we can actually talk face to face. This latest photo is an excellent signing off one. If Snatch had her own communication thingy I could tell her so that she could practise her circular wagging . Much love to all Grandma xx

  6. Fabulous photo of y’all and Meg looks as gorgeous as ever!

    I hope PB does read the blog before it closes as I think that everyone who knows Meg and her family want to thank him and the staff of Children’s Hospital for looking after all of you and for their expertese in bringing Meg back to us FIXED!

    Love to you all

    Gillian and Allan

  7. Hello guys,

    As you know I’m a little innept with this technology…….. I’ve been reading the blog with interest but have only just worked out how to make a post!!!!

    Great to see Meg looking so well, shame about the bald patch but dad and I will sympathise there and at least yours will grow back!!!!!

    Enjoy getting some down time, don’t forget to bring back some of that sunshine, its pouring with rain here!!!! A very wet walk this morning…..

    Lots of love,
    Henry, Sharon and of course……….. Snatch!!

  8. Can’t wait to have you home, will catch up soon, much love to prof black (so he’s the one in the library with the candlestick, all those time I lost at Cluedo could have been averted if I’d have known earlier) xxx

  9. Fantastic news!!! I’m only a little sad that it sounds as though you won’t make it to NYC …this trip. The best part is knowing there can be lots of future trips(real Paris and Venice first!) As for no hot Docs, sadly it’s true. In America, doctors are not typically good looking. If I’d known you were looking, I’d have steered you towards the anaesthesiologists – I think they have to pass a test: can you send a patient to surgery with a smile on her face?
    Well come! and Well done!!! Home safe!
    Cathy Small

  10. No more blogging? What will I do when trying to hide away from you-know-who?

    It’s fab to hear that the retail therapy is going well. Having just spent lots of money on my crappy car, I need some retail suppressants so that I don’t wipe out our funds.

    Unfortunately, we’re on holiday the night of the ball. But we look forward to seeing photos.

    Love to all.

  11. Great news that you are packing up to come home. Just had one very excited grandma on the telephone.

    Words cannot fully express how much I admire the way you have coped, Megan, a true star, and also your supporting cast, your mother, Peter and Joss.

    Look forward to seeing you ere long.

    Love o you all.


  12. So pleased that you’re ok and ready to come home early. It’s fantastic to hear! Enjoy your last few days over there! make sure you get lots of shopping done!
    Take care

    Love Jen xxxx

  13. So who’s eaten all the sticky buns then? Is that why you are leaving Boston early, there are no more sticky buns left!

    Meg you are a star! Can’t wait to see you all back home.

    Big hugs

    Catherine xxx

  14. Meg- Congrats on your successful surgery! I came soon your blog tonight when I Googled “brain surgery charities”. I was in a car accident a little less than a month ago….they did a ct scan since I had a head wound….and there they found “a mass” the most scariest news I’ve received in my life. Later I had an MRI that that diagnosed me with a benign(thank God) meningioma..but that it has to be removed…pressing on certain parts of my brain. I can imagine how scary it was for you initially …Im just in the beginning process of getting feed back from Massachusetts General Hospital (I live in New Hampshire ….much less of a comute than you had ). I hope this text finds you well and getting better every day. You obviously had lots of love and support from your family and friends. Mine are what’s keeping me positive! I wish you continued success in a full recovery …and if you would like a friend from “across the pond” I’d be honored to keep in touch with you. Reading your full blog has eased my worries for tonight…I’m going to bed with dry eyes and a smile on my face. Take care….p.s. my dad’s wife is from England, I will have to see how close the town she grew up in is to you. LIFE IS GOOD! -Bethany( your newest fan)

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