Meg’s vital functions

Meg is still being monitored closely. Only now different functions are being tracked. She is wired up twice an hour and has the following functions measured:

Meg’s fun vital signs

These are entered into her medical notes so that her adjuvant therapies can be adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately medication for retail therapy is running low so we think this will increase next week. It is a fine line keeping these functions balanced. She has had a good dose of retail therapy today which has resulted in high happiness and low grumpiness, although this is increasing SHARPLY as I write. Sleepy functions need watching closely after such activity as this alleviates grumpy functions. As does putting on pyjamas.

Tomorrow we predict that there will be a dip in happy and retail, and grumpy and sleepy will be high – we have an early start and more tests at Children’s.

Meg says a big hello. She wishes it was hotter here because her bald patch on her head is cold. She says she now understands how Peter feels.

Love from all Stateside X

5 thoughts on “Meg’s vital functions

  1. Hi, Meg

    I’m first away at the starting post this time.Those numbers look good to me. You can come out with me for some UK retail therapy but I don’t think it will have the variety of US shopping , especially in the pyjama department. Paris and Venice look like being nearer our targets. Love Grandmaxx

  2. Should happy and grumpy add up to 100? Where do Sneezy, Bashful, and Dopey fit in? I think we know about Doc and Sleepy…
    Let’s be glad those cousins Mangy and Ricketts haven’t shown up!
    We have a Paris and a Venice here in the US too! Not a fraction as cool as the real thing though, although Venice California does have canals(the town was originally built as a tourist attraction), and Paris Texas has fantastic BBQ(but not much else…)
    I’m glad to hear you’re recovering so well!

  3. Hi, Meg!

    Thought I’d give you an update on Radio 4 since i just know you must be missing it… They were talking today about some women in Belfast who go everywhere in their pyjamas, and whether that’s morally right or not. Maybe you had better move to Belfast before you’re arrested.

    It’s flooding in Leamington today – all the basements in our road are flooded and we even had fire (or water) men in the house next door trying to drain it! Hope it’s sunny for you there. You’re not missing much – the piaza is currently a pond so no ice-creams there.

    Hope you’re doing ok anyway – still thinking about you lots. It’s Tom’s birthday tomorrow so we’re off tonight to celebrate at The Basement (a firm favourite of mine as you know!) I’ve also got a fair bit of gossip but will wait till you’re back to deliver that…! Hehe.

    Sending lots of love over to you, Meg!


  4. Hi Meg,
    We are all so pleased your progress is good. I am very relieved Josh sold his house in Leamington recently. He wouldn’t want to come back to a big clean-up.Lots of flooding up there. Thorncliffe is badly under water much to Alan’s annoyance. Are the shops wonderful in Boston? We are thinking about you every day and so are our family and friends spread all over the world.
    Lots of love
    Diane and Alan

  5. Hey Meg,

    It’s fantastic to see you looking as stunning as ever in all the lovely photos. Have you come across any equally gorgeous doctors over there yet? (Although of course Josh would give all of them a run for their money!).

    It’s so quiet without you, although I have hardly been at Hurst myself recently.

    I went to Marlow Regatta yesterday (having a tester before Henley) and watched my brother win 3 out of 4 of his races. Think me and my sister must have been the youngest people there though who had actually gone to watch the boats and not get very merry on alcohol.

    Glad to hear you are able to go shopping already, definately the best type of therapy!

    Counting down the days til you’re back, missing you lots,
    Lots of love to you all
    Chrissie xxx

    P.S. Forgot to say a big Thankyou for my Birthday card, it arrived about a week ago, I’ve been very good and saved it though 😉 xx

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