Meg and Superman – a comedy and a philosophy

A consulting room. Somewhere in Boston. Professor Black (dressed in doctor’s coat) is waiting for his next patient. Meg Jones enters stage right.

PB: Good morning, Meg.

MJ: Sorry we kept you up so late last night.

PB: That’s OK, Meg. You’re quite the most beautiful patient we have ever had. How are you feeling?

MJ: Fine. I still have my retail therapy lobe don’t I? It seems to be working very well.

PB: We always try to preserve that, particularly in young ladies who bring their mothers to Boston.

MJ: And my pyjama wearing lobe?

PB: I am sorry. That was too fundamental so we couldn’t do anything about that. So you will still need to wear your pyjamas during the day and will need regular scans. But we have managed to remove your tumour and don’t think you will need further therapy, except of the retail kind.

MJ: Would that be a tumour with a ‘u’ or without?

PB: Oh definitely with. We have successfully removed it all, even the ‘u’.

MJ: Thank you. You’re my superman.

PB closes the file and smiles broadly. MJ exits stage left. Lights dim.

Meg and Prof Black

12 thoughts on “Meg and Superman – a comedy and a philosophy

  1. Haha, this blog is such a good source of entertainment as well as being a great way of keeping up with Megan’s antics!! So lovely to have such lively updates, Meg – you’re looking better and better! When you get back, I think we’re seriously going to have to resort to list-making on conversation topics – there is simply far too much to say!
    Love you to all out there. Hope you’re not spending too much money…
    Love Anna x

  2. Meg

    The news just gets better and better. The photograph with PB is super. I have never seen you without that lovely smile despite what you have had to endure over the last three years. Glad the retail therapy lobe is unaffected and that you are doing your bit to boost the US economy! You are truly Nora’s granddaughter!

    Keep up the good work.

    Much love, Pat

  3. The blog page is getting better and better. You look gorgeous in the photo, and Professor Black looks absolutely delighted, which is the way the rest of us are feeling. I hope your chocolate loving lobe is still there along with the retail therapy one. You have made page three of the Chronicle today so I must go and do some bulk buying as I have to send the article to quite a few people. Much love Grandma

  4. Brilliant news that it’s all gone! That’ll show it. Tumours now know never to mess with Professor Black. What a lovely man! Wish you were here Meggles, really missing you. Hope you are managing to enjoy life a bit more now!

  5. Hi Meg
    Things looking good and you look even better.
    Gram has just arrived up here in the frozen north and we are off to our house in Wales tomorrow night. everyone is thinking about you and watching your progress with hope and love.
    Look forward to seeing you on your return

    Love “The Joneses in the North”

  6. Hi Meg

    Sorry I have not been in touch – I couldn’t get on the website for some unknown reason and after having scrawled to you earlier I also lost my today’s blog! I was having blog withdrawal symptoms!

    Mind you things seem to have been getting out of hand in my absence so I will need to catch up on the news


    1) Vera Wang frocks in Boston?
    2) Is Grandma selling page 3 pin-ups in bulk? I hope you are wearing your jim-jams………(we don’t wan’t to ruin a potential contract with M & S do we?)
    3) What was that about keeping Prof B up late?

    Anyway you look great and I hope that you are getting better day after day. Keep it up.

    Love and Hugs

  7. Phew, glad to hear the shopping lobe is still there! Who else would have taken me on a huge shopping-spree when I come down to London?!

    Heehee, and loving the scripted meeting with the Proff! Complete with stage directions and lighting! I heartely approve! Perhaps we could extend it further and create a short play?! I’ll direct of course, and Meg would have to play the leading lady. Maybe we could get Jude Law to come in for Proff Black…?!

    You are looking better and better everyday Meg. Beautiful! Heading to Bar 44 tonight for a quiet one, shall toast a cocktail to you, perhaps a Mr and Mrs?!

    Lots of love to you and the family. Thinking of you all. xxx

  8. You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the magic tissue of the universe of your life.
    No one can take it from you.
    No one receives either more or less than you receive.
    Waste your infinitely precious commodity as much as you will, and the supply will never be withheld from you.
    Moreover, you cannot draw on the future.
    Impossible to get into debt.
    You can only waste the passing moment.
    You cannot waste tomorrow; it is kept for you.

    [You Wake Up In The Morning: Arnold Bennett]

    thinking of you
    lots of love

  9. So glad it is bye bye tumour and that PB was able to get rid of that little ‘u’ as well, I bet it must have been even trickier to remove than the tumour itself.

    How is the world according to Meg, is it any less wide and flat today?

    Can’t believe that it is only a week ago today that you became tumourless.

    Loads of love

    Catherine x

  10. Opps, I meant a week ago yesterday, still get muddled with UK time and Boston time. Have spent all day today thinking it is Wednesday, well that is what I put on my timesheet at work today, but who cares, I don’t. Hee Hee!

    Can’t wait to see you all when you get home, missing you.

    C x

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