Everything looks a little bit wide

Meg inhabits a new world where we all look wide and flat. Not sure about the wide bit; don’t mind the flat. It has this effect on her hair:

Meg’s wide hair

This new world also involves Upper Crust pizzas (wide and flat) and Vera Wang dresses (not wide but flat). She is getting used to this new world and her eyes are not troubling her quite so much, but crossing American roads are a bit of an issue. This isn’t a problem for me though because I have discovered that if you are knocked down on a crossing then it is an automatic $1 mill payout. Wouldn’t that look good in the charity’s account! I’m working on it . . .

This afternoon’s agenda for Meg is sleeping in her wide and flat bed and then tea and wide and flat cookies before we venture out this evening for dinner with Prof Black (not wide and flat, but normal).

Tomorrow and Friday we are back at Children’s for follow up and tests. We’ll keep you updated with our wide and flat progress!

Helen X

12 thoughts on “Everything looks a little bit wide

  1. well heres a philosophical condrum for everyone…what if we are actually all wide and flat and meg has finally awoken to the real state of the universe….maybe the rest of us just see tall and thin….. and what about things that are already wide and flat??? do they simply disappear….? hmm….. really jealous of all the sticky buns and cookies you all seem to be eating 24/7 – ive just slogged it out in the gym! and meggles, id stick to the quiff if i were you rather than the wide and flat hairstyle…. may become a problem getting onto trains, through doors, etc. anyhoo i am off to ponder such wise things (or maybe ill just watch the apprentice instead!) love to all keep us updated!!! love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wide and flat? Interestingly, the population of bradford is the most wide and fat in this country. The widest, flattest brick arch bridge is the Maidenhead Railway Bridge and that is not just in England, that’s the world. Series 100 and 200 Dressage Saddles have perhaps the widest, flattest panels of any traditional wool flocked saddles currently available.


    That’s a link to a pic of a goat with ‘one of the widest, flattest rumps we have ever seen’. And finally, when in battle, the best road through mountainous terrain is the widest, flattest, and best-maintained one.

    Google’s great!

    See you soon

  3. Hi Meg,
    I was so pleased to discover your blog and read that everything has gone so well. And that you have visited the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum too – shame it was just after the exam! We’re all looking forward to seeing you back in Warwick soon.
    Rosie xx

  4. Does wide and flat mean I’m no longer lankey? This would be amazing, personally I mean. I’m a little drunk at work, which is sort of wrong due to it being before 10.
    Looking great honey, love you loads,

  5. Love the hairdo Meg. I think your Mum and Prof. Black must be in competition with each other to see who can create the funkiest hairstyle on you.

    On wide and flat. Travelling to work on the train this morning somebody sat next to me who was not very flat and extremely wide, so I was squashed against the window which is wide and flat.

    Catherine xx

    Graham is playing golf today, he usually manages to hit the ball flat and wide.

  6. Love love love the hair! This could be a new trend…. Life in Romsey/Southampton is dull at the moment, come home soon so we can play again…The Wheatsheaf is beckoning us all with the lovely sunshine. Glad to see you looking so well honey, and nice to note that Ryan will no longer be boney in your eyes (do you think that means his bones will no longer dig into us during hugs) and that Chaz has found such wonderful philiosophical debate about the real state of the universe!

    Keep feeling better lovely,

    Love Siany xxxx

  7. Can you get Prof Blacks number for Chaz please, getting the impression something funny is going on in her head to get such crazy thoughts 😉
    Post exam hangovers are hell, you’re lucky your a graduate!

  8. dear Meg,

    Wide and flat, well, that’s a bit of a dilemma. Wide I can do, but flat, no way. However a visit to Devernois this morning has done something to address that problem.
    When I was teaching many years ago a favourite book of my 8 year olds was about a lad called flat Stanley , and from what I remember, life was a wow. Love Grandma

  9. Hi Meg,
    I think your new hair style is super – almost better than the previous one! Your progress is astounding, and I am delighted that everything is going well.
    Looking forward to seeing you

    Love, Gram

  10. please tell Meg ………… Fathers’ day cards are amazing and I cheated ……………………………………………..by checking wide and flat criteria had been met XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. Wide and flat? I’m not sure that the message board is cathartic anymore. Me, wider and flatter… hurrumph.

  12. Meg…you are permitted to show off that rather individualistic hairstyle any day of your life…apart from my wedding day!!! So lovely to see you looking so well and smiling!
    Love you!

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