Post op day 4

Hello everyone!

What have we done today (and it’s only lunchtime)? Firstly, we didn’t get up between 4am and 5am to walk to the hospital and we didn’t get our security badges renewed and we didn’t visit ‘au bon pain’ for sticky buns for breakfast (shame). We did all have a lie in and had our first breakfast at the B&B since we arrived last Monday. Meg has had a bath (too much information), and eaten fresh fruit, porridge (sorry, hot oatmeal), yoghurt and granola, has dressed (unusual – she always wears pyjamas during the day when she can), has been for a walk (a little one) and she is now playing draughts with Josh on the deck, which is well shaded and not too bright. Sleep is on the agenda for this afternoon (for Peter, Josh and I) because we can’t keep up with Meg.

Meg with Catherine’s flowers

Meg says (she can’t read or really look at things at the moment) to let you know that she has put up all your cards in her room and her flowers from Catherine are funky and fab. She loves us reading your comments and emails to her so keep them coming. She’s not envious of all her friends at uni because they will be feeling worse than her today after their post exam parties. She says sorry for not being able to send personal emails but it hurts her eyes looking at things and her sight is a bit gappy. And of course, lots of love and thanks to you all.

I am going to attempt to improve on PB’s hairstyle this afternoon – it is a bit like an inverse mohican: instead of a strip left over her head it is a strip removed. So not much happening. Dull and boring is good right now!

Helen XX

24 thoughts on “Post op day 4

  1. ah i like the quiff :p will have a cocktail (or 4) for you tonight smeggles when im out 🙂 love u lots and lots and lots keep getting better and i hope you are beating josh at draughts! xxxxxxxx

  2. Dear all

    Have I missed something? Isn’t dull and boring always good, by definition? Have loved all the photographs – today’s looks like an interior scene from Dallas – Meg, you may have to ask your mum what Dallas was! and she may even admit to having watched it (occasionally). Glad all is going well for you – look forward to the next instalment.
    Love from us both

  3. Would a French plait over the strip work? And/Or – saw a child in school with the reverse of a stencil- ie mostly shaved head but with a complex tatt-style designfor slightly longer hair. Working up a little something for the strip could be another job for Josh…

    Very glad to catch up with all the news. Glad to see you are maintaining an appreciation of European sticky buns; but suggest diversification to include Dunkin’Donuts when possible.

    Much love to all,


  4. Wow! Can’t tell you how happy I am to read all your news – I am so pleased all went well! I am afraid I find ‘dull and boring’ difficult to believe – especially where Helen is involved!

    So delighted all is going swimmingly!

    Love to all

    Maggie xxx

  5. Hello Meg
    So glad to hear you’re making good progress. It seems that they are looking after you very well in Boston.

    You almost certainly won’t remember us but we came to the Tapas evening last month in Winchester. A good evening it was too.

    Kind regards to you and your family
    Dave & Angela Trevor (Ludgershall)

  6. I’m so pleased to see that everything is dull and boring. It’s good to see Meg smiling and looking well. Hope the vision is starting to behave. When do we get to see the new hair style?
    Take care
    Tessa, Myles and Autumn

  7. Hey Meg!

    Only you could look that good 4 days after surgery! So glad that you’re getting better so quickly and hope you beat Josh at draughts…..

    Keep smiling, thinking of you,

    Sam and Daniel X

  8. Verry interesting, Igor.
    Professor Black appears to have cleverly removed what ve Doctors call ze “Pyjama Wearing All Day Syndrome” part of your brain! Zis is extremely important for parents of ‘young’ ladies, and especially zo for us, as ve haf a “Jennifer” zat suffers from zis exact same problem.
    Now all ve haf to do is determine ze location of this area of ze brain – and “hey presto” – ve vill haf properly dressed young ladies.
    Wunderbar! And next ve haf to isolate ze “Going Shopping For Hours On End Without Actually Finding Any Clothes We Like Syndrome” section…. Ah, ze vunders of modern science!

  9. well well young lady I’m appalled, i’m a pyjama wearing person whenever possible-was in pjs solidly last week on the couch as have been silly enough to sprain my ankle! tell megs not to worry about any messages just to enjoy ours!

    speaking of which… a game to amuse you when you’re bored of beating josh at draughts – play the newspaper game! Switch off the lights and you all get a sheet of newspaper and have to tear it into the shape of say…a horse! You can time this or someone can shout when they’re done…turn the lights back on and hey presto you’ve got very un-horse-like blobs of newspaper (owe this one to mark, but great game!)

    Enjoy lovie, can’t wait to have your lovely company back x

  10. Thank you for Megs vital functions Helen, 3 years done at med school and i still cant tell which ones which! I have end of year exams tomorrow so stress levels are rising (very rapidly at the moment as its 10.30 and i only just got up, oops!). I keep getting interupted by James, Mark and Ryan (all exceedingly drunk) at the Isle of Wight Festival laughing at me having to work, not amused!
    Awesome to see and hear Meggles looking/ doing so well (were the photos taken pre op?????)
    Have an awesome time in Booooooston
    Love to all

  11. P.S. I agree with Imo, that game is awesome fun and you will be able to play with your eyes shut too so sights not a problem and with Megs artistic ways, watch out Josh!!!

  12. Meggy Pegatus

    Two words, Mamma mia! I am seriously so proud of you pumpkin!! Looking at the photos, I just cannot believe how quickly you are recovering! You put me to shame. I have been to Sugar three nights in a row and well, couldn’t get out of bed yesterday, so that says it all, you are right!

    And you were worrying about your hair and everything…It seems to me to look fabbo, kinda punky. I like it. Although that means you are going to look cooler and more ‘alternative’ than me now. Dammit! Maybe i should dye my hair green again?!

    Jo, her boy Nick, Alex, Allie, Jo’s sister and Bro and I all went for a bbq on Rootes field on fri, just outside you’re Rootes in the first year. Think we were the oldest people there…Had lots of fun, drank some pimms, ate spicey sausages, wish you could have been there! Wasn’t quite the same without you!

    Anyway it is very boring at uni, well, during the day atleast, now that exams are over. And our corridor is very very quiet….i wonder why, eh?!

    Anyway enough of my essay (must be post-exam lack of writing) Just wanted to say that I miss you and well done for being so brave and strong and getting better so quickly. When you’re able to see better you’re going to have to tell me how the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was. Hope you quoted some old Ruskin!

    ‘Okey Dokey Lady’, keep up the good work.

    Love you lots, Lottie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. dear Meg,

    You have so many talented friends writing comments that I can’t compete but I’m well up with them in the love and good wishes department. At least your new hairdo will be a one off. Pat and I are going to see Oceans 13 this pm.Lovr Grandma

  14. Glad to hear all is well with Helen’s herd and Meg’s head. Logging on once a day is helping alleviate the stresses and traumas of working with you-know-who.

    Who’d have thought someone else’s brain surgery message board would be cathartic?!

    Helen, I deliberately chose not to send you the work you asked for, if you were wondering. You had quite enough on your plate.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you when you’re back. A non-work related drink is defintely needed.

  15. I’m glad to hear about the boringness – let’s not have any excitement while you’re here,ok? As for the Dunkin’Donuts, they are good, but nothing beats Krispy Kreme hot donuts! Once a Southern specialty, now headed northerly, I fully reccomend the warm Devil’s Food. You’ll know when they’re warm because the “hot donuts now” light in the window will be blinking…
    Trust an American diabetic to teach you how to get your sweet on!

  16. Hey Roomie!
    Your recovery is so speedy – blink and you miss it!

    Ems and I met up yesterday and decided to look for houses in August so we can choose one together that’s in the best location for all of us. This means that you can spend your what-would-have-been summer rent money on exciting things like sticky buns and new pjs! Don’t forget to scoop up a pair of your very own levis whilst you’re over there too…

    Can’t wait to warm a new house with you.

  17. hey meghead,

    as lotts said – u put us all to shame!!! while your all smiley and gorgeous post massive surgery we’re all a total mess! i’m so pleased to see that you’re ‘home’ it must be lovely just to be out of the hopsital and in more comfortable surroundings. get that room service on the phone and order up some yummy food (then bring it all home to us!) we’re missing u loads and cant wait to see u. can’t promise i’m drinking upon ur arrival home tho, i’m NEVER drinking again (we’ve all heard that before!) have got the small shakes and am avoiding bright lights – damn that pimms/vodka cocktail barmaid lotts created! shudder shudder! does josh wanna sort me out with a medication plan too?! need a quick pick me up, anything he can suggest!? hehe. by the way just wanted to say a massive thank u to josh and your mum for keeping us all updated, their messages always make me chuckle and its lovely to know ur recovering well. think you should keep the ‘edgy’ hair too, work that rock chick/kelly clarkson look! righty, enough from me now, sending lots of love as always. jo x x x x

  18. Hi Meg,

    Congratulations on getting through the operation and welcome to the club!

    You look fantastically well and out of bed too.

    I hope the recovery continues at the same pace and your back in the UK safe and sound before too long.

    Best wishes
    Mike Broom

  19. hehe, im so happy you are happy! you are this amazing….arms popping out of shoulders. just wanted to say that.amazing.

  20. hi meg, glad to hear that you are up and about all very good news. sorry to hear your eyes are causing you a few problems, it must be really quite annoying, but they should hopefully sort themselves out very very soon !!! and just think it gives you even more of an excuse to have daytime naps (my absolute favourite past time !!!). keep wonderful

    love jen xx

  21. Hi Meg
    well done for getting through the op. You look amazing considering your ordeal. Everyone at The Westgate continues to wish you well and a speedy recovery. keep taking the medication. Sounds like some of your uni friends need some pick me ups as well.
    Best wishes
    Jill Mellor and the Westgate crew

  22. Dull and boring here too which is also good, just got home from work.

    Wishing I was there with you all, keep thinking of popping over for a few days but at the rate you are recovering Meg, I think you will be home before I get the chance.

    Love Catherine x

    Graham is down the pub and Zeta has just thrown up in the garden, not so dull and boring afterall. Hey Ho!

  23. Dearest Meg,

    Indeed, I am sure you will be feeling better than everyone at uni, when I finished it took a week to recover from the week of partying! Plus you look a million times more beautiful than everyone! I am so happy you are doing well and you must make the most of all the lovely treats in America. The pj look is definitely very cool, I think you wear it wonderfully well. You may have started a new fashion craze! Anyway sweetie keep sporting that wonderful smile and I am thinking of you. Libby also sends her love.

    Lots and lots of love and hugs,

    Vicki x

  24. Hello Meg, Helen and Peter
    Wonderful news about the success of the operation – goes to show you cannot keep a bright young woman down. Well done, Meg. The angels were on your side – that’s because everyone was telling them how precious you are.

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