Post op day 3

Howdy all!

Meg thankfully has had another incredibly boring night in ICU and it has been declared by PB that she is far too healthy to be here. So today she will achieve a first – she will be the first patient to be discharged from ICU to ‘home’. It’s time we left anyway – Childrens is running on emergency power today (did you feel the ‘power bump’ at 5am as the power was switched to generators?) so Au Bon Pain is closed. No sticky buns today then.

Meg is waiting for her breakfast (which she is complaining is late) but she has some tea from dunkin donuts to shut her up. ET finger still glowing well and still one IV to go. And if you want to know her vital functions, here they are . . .

Meg’s fan club is superb. You have caused much merriment with the nursing staff and have kept us going – thank you!


Meg’s vital signs

4 thoughts on “Post op day 3

  1. Must be all those hours in the gym, Meg, that have made you a tough old bird! So glad to hear you’re recovering so quickly. I miss you loads!

  2. I’ve been keeping up with the blog. It sounds like everything is going well. Give Meg my love. She’s been so brave to go through all this. But it does sound like she’s in the cushiest hospital on the planet!

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