Post op day 3 part 2

She’s ‘home’ (and asleep)!

All we need now is for Josh to work out Meg’s Meds schedule before the first lot are due. You’ve got ninety minutes Josh!


Meg’s Meds

6 thoughts on “Post op day 3 part 2

  1. Dear Meg

    I guess now that when you are feeling better, you are going to have to write the beauty bible ‘How to Look Stunning Before, During and After Brain Surgery’ followed closely by the fashion guide ‘How to Wear Your Hospital Gown with Style’ after seeing you in yours I’m sure it is going to be next seasons must have fashion item.

    Lots of love

    Catherine, Graham, Z & K

  2. Wow! We are so pleased for you – now you can get down to some SERIOUS shopping!

    Prof B. must be deeply impressed with the Brits! Straight out of ICU and back “on the streets”!

    Lots and lots of love
    Mark and Sue (from darkest Suffolk)

  3. How wonderful that Meg is out of hospital! Hmmm…those medicines look intense Josh…good luck with working those out! It is really nice to be able to think of you all being under the same roof now, and hopefully it won’t be long before you can get out and about a bit. Sending loads of love to all of you, especially to Meg our tough little cookie! You have done so well Meg I am really proud of you.
    Lots of love Jennles x x x

    P.S. Ash is hoovering at the mo (bwa ha haaaa!) but sends his love too! xxx

  4. I finally worked out how to post comments on this new fangled computer box! This is brilliant news. You are both very brave people and Anna and I are very very pleased. Before I risk over-egging the pudding, I’ll sign off, but we’re very much looking forward to seeing you when you’re back in the UK.

  5. Hi Meg, Josh, Helen and Peter

    We first read your story in the Romsey Advertiser last year just after our daughter had been diagnosed with a tumour, which thankfully was eventually confirmed after removal as a cavernous angioma anda little more accessible than your tumour. She’s a little older than you Meg and mother to two of our gorgeous grandchildren. We had hoped to come to the barbeque at the Dog and Crook last July, but Vicky had the first of her two operations just before that evening so we had to be in Cardiff and never got to meet you. However, we have followed your progress since, in parallel with our own daughter’s situation, so have been only one step ahead but do understand some of what you have all been through. Luckily for us Vicky’s husband is a surgeon himself and they took the decision to have the op(s) in Cardiff which now has a fantastic neurological facility which, when you all get back, we’d like to discuss with you and funding for your charity.
    In the meantime though may we wish you a continued speedy recovery and return back, when we hope to make contact with you. Romsey Male Voice Choir are singing in Romsey Abbey on Sat 23rd – you may be back in time! – when we sing “Bring Him Home” I may just “silently” substitute “him” to “her” for you!
    God Bless.

  6. Hi Meg

    Great piccies – I think Catherine’s right you should be modelling jim-jams! (simply M & S) We’ll try and sort out a contract before you return.

    The hair style will be part of the new trend unless your new hairdresser has her own ideas.

    Any way the Sleeping Beauty is now wide awake and getting ready to hit the town. I’d keep a careful eye on Dr. Florimund he may be better at delivering pastries rather than pills.

    Lots of Love and Hugs
    Gillian and Allan xxx

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