Up and about

Much to our amazement Meg is continuing to recover really quickly. This afternoon we went for a little walk down the corridor and then for a trip in the chair down to the beautiful hospital garden. The Prouty Garden is a beautiful oasis of green amongst the hospital buildings and a perfect spot for a bit of lunch in the open air. Here’s some pics to whet your appetite for our lovely little lady :o)

Meg Helen and Peter in the Prouty Garden

She’s having a nap now but will dictate a little message for you all later…

Meg and Josh in the Prouty Garden

Lots of love to everyone back home x

3 thoughts on “Up and about

  1. Hello Meg

    Lovely to see you all looking so happy and relaxed and you looking so lovely so soon after your op, still can’t work out how you manage it.

    Now Grandma has got the hang of the blog there is no stopping her, I see she has sent you another message already.

    Much love

    Catherine and Graham

    Zeta and Kelly are out in the garden somewhere chasing cats, but still send their love

  2. Hi Meg,
    I’m glad they are feeding you with lots of lovely things. So relaxing and makes you feel good. You are having beautiful weather I see and you are looking so well. I have had calls from Australia – Josh’s Grandma and cousins all thinking about you.
    Love Diane

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