Post op day 2

Life is wonderfully boring! Meg is still in ICU, looking as gorgeous as ever, and is very relieved to know that Prof Black actually found a brain inside her head. She is only still in ICU because we are waiting for a room to become available. And if it doesn’t then she’ll stay here until she is discharged, which may be over the weekend.

She has one IV left which is administering steriods to keep her brain swelling down. It is really this which is stopping her going shopping. Once she is no longer tied to her bed then we’ll take her to the huge lobby to Au Bon Pain for sticky buns (lots of those here) and to the play centre, where the clowns are. She was grumpy with her IVs yesterday so we knew she is well on with her recovery.

She is sleeping loads which gives us some p and q. Josh stayed with her last night so Peter and I could catch up on our zzzzzzzs. Her vision is not brilliant in her left eye but this will improve over the next few weeks, once everything settles down.  

Meg will dictate again later, once her chocolate pancakes and hot oatmeal have been slept off.

Helen x

9 thoughts on “Post op day 2

  1. I fully recommend chocolate pancakes to aid absolutely eveything! Also while in the US try the cheesy Cheetos…not the wosit ones the nobbly nik-nak ones…always a classic! Good luck shopping… come back with a gorgeous dress for the ball!

  2. “And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish girl!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.

    with absolutely no apologies to Mr. C.

  3. Hi there
    Saw Meg on the front page of the Advertiser today!
    Better news to me than the Queen being in Romsey.
    Good stuff.
    Look after yourselves and don’t forget to visit the Aquarium while you are in Boston.

  4. Meg this week is England “smile Week” and we want to spread the enthusiasm to USA as well Here is Marti’s poem:
    Smiling is infectious
    You catch it like the flue
    When someone smiled at me today
    I started smiling too
    I walked around the corner
    And someone saw me grin
    When he smiled too I realised
    I’d passed it on to him

    I Thought about this smile of mine
    And realised its worth
    A single smile begun by me
    Could travel through the earth

    So if you feel your smile begin
    Don’t leave it undetected
    Lets start an epidemic NOW
    And get the world infected

    courtesy Integrated Dental

  5. Dear Helen, Peter and Meg

    We are really proud to have been associated with this fantastic journey you have undertaken together. If ever a group of people made their own luck, it is you. It’s really gratifying to know that occasionally the good guys do win.
    Impressive or what!

  6. What a team! You all put the candidates of ‘The Apprentice’ to shame. The girls both send a big hug, Meg. Jessie asked if Snatch the dog is with you, then realised that she is probably afraid of flying. Interesting logic from a two year old!

    Big, big love to you all, XXXX

  7. Hey Miss Meg,
    Well dont you look pretty as a picture. Having seen the picture I am questioning what treatment you actually went for and am wondering if you’ll be buying larger bras instead! ha ha (wink).
    Anyway I am sure you have all the Dr.’s running around looking after you and well they should, so you are fast on your way to recovery and on the way home!
    See you soon, lots of love, Nicola xXx

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