Another little message from Meg

Meg says: “ET phone home…”

But I’m a little too tired to say any more. Josh has kept me updated with all your messages. Thank you everyone x

Meg - ET finger 2 Meg - ET finger glow

5 thoughts on “Another little message from Meg

  1. Hi Meg – you may have hit on the latest fashion accessory for Brainstrust – we should be selling “glowing ET fingers” – they would make a great change from badges or plastic bracelets!

    Have a great weekend – we are in deepest Suffolk with my old (as in Very Ancient) friend Pavel Kricka [who sends his best wishes].

    lots of love
    Mark and Sue

  2. Wow Meg! So glad to hear everything is going well! Fantastic news 🙂 and gosh I wish I looked as pretty as you without make up – grr! hee hee. All is good here in Winch. ooh accepted a job at Fair Oak Infants on Monday – am now officially a primary school teacher 😀 Take care, lots of love, Bon xXx P.S. This website is amazing!

  3. Dear Meg

    Glad to have been here to keep abreast of all the good news. So happy for you all. Grandma was delighted to get your call and afterwards I had to get her down from the ceiling!

    Love Pat

  4. Meg,

    Just to let you know that I have been thinking of you and am so very pleased all has gone well. Take great care XX

    Love Julie

    (Jenny B’s mum)

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