A little message from Meg

Dictated by Meg:

What a relief! My first memory after waking up was Prof Black telling me he got it all out. Can’t say I’m feeling marvelous, but it’s so nice to know I can only get better. Still in intensive care because there aren’t any free beds at the moment. Still very wired up, but managed to get up today and had a little sponge bath. The nurses and doctors are all very lovely. Yesterday I was busy giggling at the questions the doctors asked me and gave everyone a Royal wave as I left the holding area. Apparently I continued chatting all the way down to surgery. Got to love drugs!

Thank you for all your messages that keep coming through. Although I can’t look at the screen Josh keeps reading them out to me. Love to you all x x x

 P.S. Well done to my girls back at Warwick for finishing their finals! x

Meg - intensive care

24 thoughts on “A little message from Meg

  1. Dearest Meg – we are all so thrilled for you. Keep smiling and make sure the nurses are kept busy looking after you. There must be something REALLY special you would like. Chocolate perhaps! See you soon (and then Venice…)

    lots of love
    Mark and Sue

  2. Hi Darling,cant stop thinking of you.Wonderful to get your message.YOU ARE AMAZING……………All my friends at work are so amazed that you have traveled so far ,they send their best wishes,Mark and I do too ,but have the privilage of sending lots of Love too XXXXXX

  3. hey megs, also can’t stop thinking about you! we have just had dinner and mummy has got us burning good luck candles for you every night, so hope you are catching the luck. lots of love jen xx

  4. Good to hear from you Meg!
    Keep up the good work on the recovery front – I am thoroughly impressed with how you are getting on. What a star!
    Lots of love,

  5. Yo meggles looking sexy! :p sooooo nice to actually be able to see you awake and well 🙂 lots and lots and lots of love keep getting better! xxxxxxxx

  6. You look extremely glamorous in the picture, Meg! How do you manage to still look stunning after major brain surgery? Grrr.

    Good to hear from you – what fun dictating to people and having them write down your every word! I finish tomorrow, yay!

    Lots and lots of love to you Meg
    Anna xxxxx

    PS) I sang “Sofia” at the top of my voice during your surgery to send you a good vibe!

  7. Wow! You look so lovely Meggles, I’m amazed anyone could look so beautiful after surgery! I know you are not feeling great, but mentally it must be so wonderful to know it’s all over, it certainly is for us. Miss you so much, think happy thoughts of clouds of marshmallows and skipping sheep! Love you lots x x x

    Ash says hi and hopes you get better really quickly. So pleased that everything’s gone well and look forward to seeing you soon.x

  8. Dearest Meg

    Lovely to see looking so wonderful in your hospital bed, not many people can still look gorgeous after just having had major surgery, but you manage to.

    Lots of hugs and love

    Catherine, Graham, Zeta and Kelly xxxx

  9. I thought that your head would all be wrapped up in bandages – like the movies! But I didn’t expect you to look like a movie star. Seeing you looking like that and hearing about how things have gone – well, just the best news ever. I keep thinking of this time nearly 2 years ago and what a long road and what a brave traveller you have proved to be.
    So much love

  10. Marti Gram and Daddy have a message for Meg which is
    so lovely to see your smiling face on the screen keep on trucking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps Nicola trying to contact you also to say good luck
    love from all

  11. Hi Meg and Hi Helen,

    Just the the most fantastic news from Boston!!!
    I am SO happy for you, and for your friends and family.
    I was really moved when I met you and Helen at the Romsey Bond concert, and that all seems such a long time ago, and you have come so far and raised so much money to help fellow sufferers.
    When I spoke to you Helen it was a really hard conversation to have in light of my Mum’s condition, but I am so glad that I managed to speak to you before you left. You are such a positive person, and I really look forward to meeting you both again and chatting to you about what I and our Mini owners club can do to help.
    Our Summer Ball is coming up very soon, and I hope it will raise a lot more money for you.
    Take care Meg and get back to full strength as soon as you can,
    Have a comfortable stay in the good Ol’ US of A!!
    A big hug for you Helen, stay strong :0)
    Regards, Rich

  12. You’re a star Meg! See you soon, there’ll be a bottle of peanut gringo in the fridge for you.

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Will & Rosie

    PS. Nice haircut x

  13. Hiya my lovely!
    Sooo glad to hear you’re doing so well 🙂 And what a relief for you, your family and well everyone! I think you’re amazing. Keep smiling and giggling as ever. Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses. Vicky xxx mwah xxx

  14. My Dear Meg, how brilliant you are, this is marvellous news, I feel a party coming on…loving your work you tough little cookie.

    Can I just say that I now realise it’s not just UK hospital gowns I find sexy…

    Big Love from your lanky friend,


  15. Hey Meg! Lovely to hear that it’s over and that you’re doing well! You’re looking gorgeous. You are a star!

    Lots of love

  16. Meg hunny its so lovely to see your pwetty smiling face!

    your such a SUPERSTAR!!! loving your little messages – its so lovely to hear that your in safe hands and that everyone’s giving you such wonderous support. Im loving the image of you all high and giggly on your drugs, i can just imagine the mischief that your causing! please god dont say u tried to sing!!! oh, wish i could give u a big squeeze, ur truly remarkable missy. we’re all missing u this end, which i might add got a little blurry last night!!! think we’re all a tad hungover this morn, but you’d have been proud of my taxi negotiating skills – it was almost as good as certain negotiations with the chinese italian pizza lady!!

    Even bigger celebrations are gonna be in order to welcome you back tho sweetie. hope your not feeling too groggy at the moment, just think of the fact that Prof Black is victorious over a certain nasty…like Carpaccio’s George and the dragon and your the princess of Silena…(or something?!)hehe.

    Love and smooches

    Jo x x x x

    p.s. your machinery looks scary, dont press any buttons (even small ones!) x x x x

  17. Hi Meg

    I hope you had a great night’s sleep without lots of neuro obs.

    It sounds like you are doing exceptionally well – what else could we expect from an exceptional lady!!

    Did you see any of Jennies clouds of marshmallows and skipping sheep. Is she on the same drugs? Sounds good to me – where do you get them?

    Will await today’s update later from Prince Florimund.

    Lots of Love

  18. Great news Meg! I can’t believe how great you look after going through all that – you’ve invented hospital chic!
    Keep on recovering at this rate and we’ll have you back in no time!
    Take care you little star!
    Laura x

  19. Hello my lovely!

    Caused quite a commotion in the office as I read your blog and burst into tears! I’m so happy to hear it all went so well and I have to agree with your fans when I say: How can you look so foxy after major brain surgury??!!

    Please extend a big hug to Josh & your Mum for me for looking after you so well and a hundred thanks to your fantastic surgen – what a star!

    Here’s to a long summer of banoffee pies in the garden missey!! (whole ones this time!!!)

    Lots of love,
    Susie xxx

  20. Hey Megs
    It was lovely to sign on today and see your very own words and face beaming out at me on the screen. You really do do the hospital look incredibly well – you look better than me in the morning!
    Keep getting better… or else 😉
    All my love
    xxx Ells xxx
    PS Mike also sends his love. He’s been cavorting with Orlando Bloom, James Martin and Greg Rusedski these past few days… I’m working on getting their autograph for us! xx

  21. Hey Megan!!

    I heard from Anna that your surgery was earlier this week. I’m so glad that everything has gone well. You look beautiful as ever in your photo. Have missed you so much this year, will be so great to see you again when we’re back in the same country. Let’s make it our aim to have a MASH meal before the end of 2007! I’ll keep checking back to see how you’re doing, lots and lots of love,



  22. Dear Megan

    You don’t know us but we are friends of your grandmother in Winchester. She used to work with me in the Cathedral Library.

    So glad to hear your news – I spoke to Nora this evening and I could tell that she was so high on relief and delight as are we all who have been following your progress.

    Lots of love and prayers.

    John and Sandy (and their cats).

  23. Darling Meg,

    I am so glad everything went well for you! I have said it before and I will say it a million times over, you are truly special, talented, caring and beautiful and I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Delighted to see that as always you have that gorgeous smile on your face! I shall be sending lots of happy thoughts your way.

    Love you hundreds and thousands,

    Vicki xxx(and many more sparkly kisses)

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