Mission status (active)

15.00 hours - somewhere near the front.
Operation nearing completion.
Latest intelligence report suggests the enemy has been routed.
Commander in Chief Prof Black is leading a final sweep of the area.
Meg 'lovely' Jones is stable.
Next update at 16.00 hours.

3 thoughts on “Mission status (active)

  1. Damn Good Show!

    Hope the final mopping up operation goes well – look forward to subsequent reports!

    love from all in Blighty…

  2. Thank you so much for these updates Josh, it is really reassuring to know that all is going well. Thinking of you all, and sending lots of hugs. I’ve left a message for Meg under the one with 32 comments! Give her a big kiss for me when she is up to it! Jennles xxx

  3. Good News!

    Also understand that a team of RE sappers has been able to prise apart at least two of Private W. Jones’s fingers so that he has been able to participate in what can only be described as a “Fish Supper”. I assume that this includes the ghastly “mushy peas”… (even Becca didn’t think that was too bad – oh dear!)

    Anyway – keep up the good work

    All at HQ Winnersh

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