Mission status (active)

13.30 hours - somewhere near the front
Tally ho, lads. Terrain is mapped.
We've gone over the top and are looking the enemy in the eye.
Key operative comfortable. Current tactics working well.
Counter moves not needed at the time of this report.
Next update 14.45 hours.

3 thoughts on “Mission status (active)

  1. Splendid… We are now attempting rations as provided by Corporal Jennifer… her (in-)famous Spaggly Blogg, although we are a bit suspicious of the large green things…
    This whole detachment has been huddled round the Ops Screen all evening – and have been in TXT contact with Private W. Jones (who was unable to respond as all his fingers were crossed).
    Love Mark and Sue and Jenny and Tora and Gram…
    P.S. My Mother (from Norfolk) sends her love and best wishes

  2. hi Helen, Peter and Josh, thank you so much for the updates, our thoughts are with you constantly. hope that you are all bearing up

    lots of love jen xx

  3. Hi Meg,Helen, Peter and Josh,
    I’m so glad you are happily spending the days floating about and Meg is eating and sleeping well. You are looking healthy and happy Meg which is wonderful to see. Make good use of Josh so you can have a real holiday.
    We are having nice weather in England but not baking hot so you are not missing much. Love to you all
    Diane and Alan

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