Hello from Boston!

Hello everyone!

Thank you all so much for my messages, it really makes a difference to know that everyone is sending lovely thoughts to us all across the pond!

Had pre-ops stuff today. It all went fine and they all seem very nice. There was a film about a pig to watch in the waiting room so it wasn’t too boring… We had time to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum afterwards and now just sitting in the sun waiting for my MRI scans which are at 3.45pm.

I must say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone (especially Josh) for my good luck book! It’s amazing and was a complete surprise. I can’t believe how good you all are at keeping secrets!! There were many happy tears (from us all) when I opened it and it’s not left my side. Thank you x x x

Well, I don’t want to bore you so I’ll go, but next time I write on here I’LL BE ALL FIXED!!!

Lots and lots of love to you all, Meg x x

Children’s - entrance

5 thoughts on “Hello from Boston!

  1. Hey Megs,
    Hopefully this will be one of the first messages you receive when you come out of theatre (actually, that should really be theater now that you’re living with the Yanks!) Why do they call it theatre? It’s certainly not as fun and you don’t get a half hour interval to have ice cream and drinks. OOhh now that would be fun…

    Please come and live with us now!

    We can go to the National Theatre together which is only a hop, skip and a jump away.

    I hope that you are not feeling too tired and are enjoying getting to know the other patients around you – children are much more fun and resilient than adults!

    Missing you loads, and hoping you are speedy in your recovery.
    Ellsbells xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS thank you for creating this blog, not only does it mean I can keep up with your progress but it is also a rather worthwhile distraction from Facebook! xx

  2. Hi Meg

    When you read this you will have had your op and will be on the road to recovery.

    Thinking of you during the course of today and sending much strength and love your way.

    Deirdre xx

  3. Hey Meg,

    Hope they’re all treating you like a princess! Thought I’d should balance out Ells’ message with something a little more sane!

    Hope all went well and you have a fantastic few weeks enjoying Boston – its a lovely city…

    Lots of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery,

    Daniel and Sam xxxx

  4. Hello again!
    I’m glad you made it across ok, and am sorry about the weather. You have arrived at the beginning of hurricane season, but that rain was only a “tropical depression” by the time it hit Boston. The good news is that those storms always bring the most beautiful clear days after them! (metaphor here :X)
    I’m also sorry about the cab driver – Boston cabbies are not known for being rude. New York, however…
    Best regards-

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