Hi y’all

They let us in!! OK, so the immigration IT system had crashed as we landed (please don’t skim read this otherwise you’ll misunderstand what I have written) but we didn’t have long to wait and so we were safely tucked up at the Bertram Inn by 2.30pm.  Meg is asleep right now but she has had a busy weekend being the media star for Meridian, leaving uni and then leaving home for Boston.

You know everything is bigger in America? Well, even the rain is bigger. This was not torrential rain when we arrived but I truly thought the end of the world had arrived. Even the taxi drivers were refusing to leave their cabs to load our luggage. Or maybe that’s what they always do . . .

And so tomorrow is Day 1 at Children’s. We’ll know far more after tomorrow. We do know that one night in ICU, followed by five nights is outlined, but we think this is the extreme. Chances are Meg will be out by Sunday and ready to do the Hopper Exhibition at the Museum of Arts. Or maybe not . . .

 Keep your comments/gossip/news coming. They are a much needed voice from home and are very significant in Meg’s life (and ours).

 Thank y’all

 Helen X (big American kiss)

One thought on “Hi y’all

  1. Hi Y’all

    Fandabidosy news! Give my best wishes to Meg ‘Lovely’ Jones!!

    All of you take care.

    Lots of love

    Carol :o) x x x x (kiss for each of you)

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