Welcome to our new blog!

Ooo! Look at the clever blog thingy!

We hope to have lots of visitors to this site and we want you to leave your comments. Your thoughts and good wishes will be an essential part of Meg’s recovery, particularly as she will be so far away from home.

We leave at 6am on June 4th, arriving in Boston at 1pm – in time to find a decent bookshop and a bar or two in Brookline, prior to Meg being admitted as a day patient to Children’s early on June 5 for a very full day of pre-op tests and brain scans.

Then June 6th will feel even longer. This is the day of Meg’s surgery. We know she will be in very safe hands (and so will we!) and as soon as we have any news we’ll post it here for you to read.

Watch this space!

46 thoughts on “Welcome to our new blog!

  1. So this is nearly it! As at 27th May (Leo’s 21st Birthday – Leo is Meg’s stepsister) suitcases bought and waiting to receive enough knickers and socks to last a month.

    On second thoughts, they must have launderettes in Boston, even though they may be called laundromats or something. So perhaps there will be room in the suitcase for a second pair of trousers.

    It seems incredible that, after all these months, with the support of so many kind and generous people, we are now on the brink of the outcome which for so long has seemed so far away.

    Watch this space for the unfolding tale!!

  2. The blog is an excellent way to keep us all updated on the next stage of your journey. Our experiences have shown that it helps show us how far we have travelled as well.

    Have a safe journey, hope the laundromats solve the packing problem.

    Best wishes
    Tessa, Myles and Autumn xx

  3. Hey guys

    Wishing you all the best for next week. Make sure you get your scheduled ‘play time’ Meg!

    Helen, keep in touch and let me know if you need me to do anything.

    Jo x

  4. Hi Meg, lots and lots of love and best wishes from the Shackelford “Tribe” – especially the other “Triplets” – Lizzie is now in Bali and Tora just home from Bulgaria. Then there is Becca keeping busy in Leeds and “Dr.” J. Shackelford on her way home from Brighton… what a roller-coaster ride we have had this year! We all have as many still flexible (tricky as you get older) parts of our anatomies crossed for you – and look forward to your return – and the BALL – all girls hoping to be there (apart from Lizzie, who for some inexplicable reason has decided that the Far East is preferable to Hampshire…)
    See you soon (looking forward to Venice)
    All our love
    Mark and Sue

  5. Hello Beautiful,

    Just to let you know we are all thinking off you and that I can’t wait for you to get well very soon and come home so that we can all have a summer of fun together like we were 17 again (well ish!)

    Lots of Love

    Sian (oh and Tom!!)

    p.s. your family and Josh are very amazing people, they’ll have you smiling in Childrens in no time at all on the 7th!

  6. hi there lovely lady,
    i cant say much else except that i really really wish i was doing my training at Childrens instead of here in london because then i could play with you during your scheduled ‘activity time’:) and i would put tubes and tubes of numbing cream all over you so that you would never feel a thing. i will request a big (compared to the usual 2 or 3 day olds) patient on the 6th and pretend its you, they will think they are a princess.
    REALLY cant wait to see you in the summer..and then all the fun and frolicking in london:)
    Have saved this site to my favourites and i think it may get even more hits than facebook!
    Love you more than marshmallows

  7. Hey megs and family etc etc

    Congratulations on finishing your exams as a starter and I’m thinking of you and looking forward to having a fab summer with you when you come back, especially looking forward to your very exciting birthday party!!!! Am going to start trying to chose a dress, will be so excitin got have you back.

    Many hugs


  8. Hello Meg and Family!

    Welcome in advance from America – New York, to be precise. I’m an assistant on Wicked here in NYC, and have a passing phone aquaintance with your own Josh Hill. I send our very best wishes to you and yours from all of Oz. As you recover, remember that New York is only a short(ish), ok – four hours – train away from Boston!

    All the best

  9. Hello Meggles!

    Was so lovely to see you today looking very beautiful and tanned in your lovely dress. I hope you enjoyed the picnic and are getting on well with your packing! This blog is really good, I shall be checking it every day without fail to hear all your news and promise to annoy you all with lots of messages!! Anyway huge bucket loads of love and luck, and lots of hugs and kisses to you.

    Mountains of love,
    Jennles x x x x x and Ashles sends his love too! x x x x x

  10. Hi Meg,

    Congratulations on the end of finals! Seems like years ago when you were in Meriden as a Fresher! Thinking of you and your family and wishing you well.


    Chrissy and the Meriden Team xxxx

  11. Hi Megan
    This is very BIG GOOD LUCK message from all pupils and staff past and present from The Westgate school. You have come on an incredible journey and our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family
    Take care and come back and see us at school when you are feeling fit and well
    Best wishes
    Jill Mellor (assisstant headteacher)

  12. Hello Meg,

    I hope you all had a good flight and time for a snooze….I feel like one myself after staying awake most of the night to make sure I could wake up and wave to you out the window at 6.00am this morning!!

    Lots of Love to you – say hi from me to Mum, Peter and Josh


  13. Dearest Meg!

    Hope you got to Boston in one piece and the flight wasn’t too boring? Missing you loads and loads already, slightly stressing about the inpending exam but the end is in sight now 🙂

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow, and your family and Josh. Good luck and speak to you very soon.

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Vicky and Chrissie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Dear Meg,
    just to let you know we are thinking about you on your first night in America. Hope you are making the most of the “civilisation” in Boston – a few bars, a jazz club, perhaps a little promenade, a few more bars (if your Mum is reading this, by a “few bars” we are obviously referring to the jazz music)

    With lots of love and best wishes to you all (special luck for you, Meg)

    Mark and Sue
    xxx xxx xxx

  15. Dear Helen and Peter,

    Just to let you know that we have Meg in our thoughts and the both of you. Our very best wishes for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.

    We’ll be keeping a eye out for news – well maybe John won’t Luddite that he is but I will translate for him!


    Lesley and Johnxx

  16. Dear Meg

    Thinking of you today – hope all goes well with the pre op tests – you are all in my thoughts and prayers and I know you will get through this time together – sending you all big hugs – with such love and support from so many – take strength from it and know that you are blessed – your guardian angel will be looking after you. Love Deirdre x

  17. Dear Meg and family, just to tell you that we will all be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck! With love and best wishes from all the “Spragues” xx

  18. Good luck Meg! We’re all thinking of you back here.
    Make sure you have a speedy recovery – we’re saving a song for you at the brainstrust gig when you get back!
    Lots of love,
    Laura x

  19. Hey Meg!

    I expect you’re preparing to sport your first pair of lovely pyjamas by now (pAjamas over there). Glad your journey was ok. (Sounded like you needed your flowery wellie boots in that downpour.) It’s very dull here without you, although I’m getting a lot of revision done because I’ve no cheerful soul to suggest icecreams on the piazza and coffee in Xananas. I miss you loads. Can’t wait till you’re back! I’m off to the opera tonight (The Magic Flute). Will tell you with whom on your return…(Hope you’re suitably intrigued.) Also, we’re going to have a Fire Eater at the concert on the 22nd! Of all things. Hope you’ve already bumped into a few attractive American doctors – I look forward to reports back…
    Good luck for tomorrow, my thoughts will be wafting over from Leamington Spa to Boston!

    Lots of love,

    Anna xxxxxx

  20. Dear Helen and Peter,
    I’m sorry I didn’t wave out of the window at 6 am yesterday like Gillian but I was listening out for you, opened one eye as I heard you all tiptoe down the stairs and sent out our very best wishes.

    I’m sure the hospital staff are thrilled to have their very own delightful English Patient and her equally delightful family.
    We are thinking of you all and looking forward to seeing you back here at Furzedown soon.

    love and best wishes to Meg and to you


  21. Hi Meg

    What can we say but the very best of luck and you know that all of us up in the great North East including those who have helped us with sponsership are with you in spirit.
    Go to it and I look forward to seeing you on your return

  22. Hello again!

    Thank you for the text message, you’re such a star for thinking of us, although we think you should be the top of your priorities 😉

    We had Paul invidulating this time, think I counted a total of 4 smoking breaks and lots more huffing and puffing, then ramsacked Donal’s walette for some change- all in all very entertaining.

    We will email you the questions to show you what you missed out on and then if you ever get really really bored of Boston you could give them a go….or maybe not.

    Just read your Mum’s message, fingers crossed that you will be out on Sunday- all the more time for shopping!

    Thinking of you all the time

    Will be in touch tomorrow, (I agree with your friend, this is the new facebook!)

    All our love

    Chrissie and Vicky

    x X x X x X x X x X x X x

  23. Hi y’all

    The locals came by to say Good Luck for tomorrow from…….

    The furry ratties with tails (they also said thanks for the extra rations!)
    The frogs to be (or not to be) who are being rescued from having to sun bathe in the shallows
    The King and the Prince and the funny partridge couple
    The black and white bon-bon

    and all the other residents which include the other funny couple at No4.

    Lots of Love and Best Wishes from us all

    G & A

  24. Hi Megs,

    just wanted to say the best of luck and I will be thinking of you a lot. You are so wonderfully brave and the biggest shining star. SO loooking foward to seeing you when you get back and to having a wonderful birthday party in July. My Mum says to me that one of the best and smallest things you can do when you are feeling sad or worried, is to pretend to smile and pretend to laugh as it usually makes you smile for real and releases lots of feel good hormones to make you feel a bit better !! good luck.

    love jenny S xxx

  25. Dear Helen,

    Just to let you know I have added the photos from the 1st of June to facebook if you wanted them for the website.

    Good luck to all of you for tomorrow

    Chrissie xx

  26. hey my darling! going to be thinking of you all through today- u r prob still asleep at the mo but best of luck etc etc but you dont need luck as these people know what they are doing! love to everyone im going to be logging in on tenderhooks all day! love you so so so so so muchly, cant wait to see you again all fixed 🙂 all my love chazzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. It’s taken me this long to work out how to leave a ‘post’ or whatever the new kids are calling it. Anyway my darling, sending my heartfelt love and all my best wishes to you today, you’re a little star, and all our thoughts are with you. Massive hug and a potentially very sloppy peck on the cheek.

    Love Ry.x

  28. Hi Megs,

    Heres lots of love and massive amounts of good luck for today! You are an absolute little gem, and I hope that everything goes well today – least you are in the hands of some great people. 🙂

    Im so looking forward to your party in July when we’ll get our dancing shoes on! Must find myself a dress…

    Lots of love, luck and kisses my darlin
    Tor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Hey Meg,

    Thinking of you hunny. Hopefully by the time u read this message you’ll have had ur op and be feeling a little chirpier 🙂

    We’re looking at Vittoria sculptures and falling asleep….but did u know that St Sebastian had his bottom shaved to fit into his niche…..!!

    Chrissie and Vicks are SO right about Paul yesterday in the exam, made things a bit more amusing (meg, we’re scared he might read this, so wink wink) N.B There was no sign of his bronze apple upon his person…

    We cant wait to see u soon and hear all your news. Miss u and cant wait to sing.

    Love you, stay strong. Jo & Alex (& Mr Vittoria) xx xx xx xx

  30. Hello Meg
    I work with Josh on Wicked and I just wanted to send you love and wish you a speedy recovery. I’m sending you healing vibes from the other side of the pond! Take Care of her Josh… I know you will!!
    Love Bec XXXXX

  31. Hello, my darling. Much effort has gone into mastering this blogging thing but I’m not one to shirk it if it means I can keep in touch with you while you are away. Arrivederci xxxx

  32. Dear Meggles,
    I believe you are actually having your surgery as I’m writing this, so you and your loved ones are now in my thoughts more than ever. I’ve just got back from a day doing Indian music workshops with children and was so pleased to read Helen and Joshs’ updates to discover that all is going well so far. I hope that you are comfortable and well pampered when you wake up, no doubt everyone will look after you incredibly well. Don’t eat too many grapes! I shall keep checking this site for more updates.
    Heaps of love to all of you, wish I could be there giving out lots of hugs and singing ‘My Favourite Things’ to make the time go more quickly!
    Jennes x x x

  33. Hi Meg and Helen

    I hope everything has gone really well – have been thinking of you all day, Good thoughts winging their way to you! Take care.

    Best wishes

    Barbara Mills

  34. Dearest Meg

    So glad it is time for you to wake up, and as your Mum says only you could still look beautiful while in intensive care.

    Have a good rest, just think of all those shops and other lovely things you want to do while in Boston, they are waiting for you, so get out there and enjoy them.

    Love from Catherine, Graham, Zeta and Kelly. xxxx

  35. Dear Meg, Josh, Helen and Peter,

    I can’t believe its all over! It’s great news to hear you’re ok and that everything went well – now we have two things to celebrate tonight!

    Take care and have lots of rest as Venezia Girl has even more important missions to undertake now – like shopping!!!

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Vicky xxxx

  36. Dear Meg,
    We were thrilled to hear from Josh last night. My phone was tucked into my pocket all afternoon and we feel so relieved that it is all over. Happy days in Boston now and plenty of rest too! Love to Helen and Peter and a big hug for you.
    Love Diane and Alan

  37. Good Morning Meg

    How’s the Sleeping Beauty?

    I expect you will be having breakfast in a few hours time -pancakes and eggs over easy? (Then a trip down the mall to look for your posh frock for the ball).

    Have a good day and well done to you!!!!

    Lots of Love to Prince Florimund, Mum and Peter


  38. Today has a much better feel about it than yesterday, and it’s all thanks to the team and the star patient. LOVE NONNA

  39. hey there, wonderful, wonderful news! keep strong megs and get better soon. sending you lots and lots of love jen xxx

  40. Darling Meg, just got up & our first thought was to write to you again
    We are so happy that the operation was a success & it is wonderful to see all the good wishes you are receiveing. Please take plenty of rest & you will be 100% soon.
    Love you loads Marti , Gram , Daddy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  41. Dear Meg,

    We are all thinking about you at Toynbee School. You are looking wonderful in your photo and so pleased to hear that the operation was a success. Best regards to you and your family.

    From all at Toynbee School

    PS. We are looking after your Dad at school!

  42. Dear Meg

    My name is Bernadette
    I am a friend of Yvonne’s from Southampton and I have been keeping her updated on your progress using the blog. Yvonne may have mentioned me from time to time. As you know she has very limited access to a computer. She desperately needs you to know that she is thinking of you and sends you lots and lots of love She is so pleased to hear that all has gone well and that you are still lighting up everyone’s day. she also wishes to send her love to Helen, Peter and Josh and is looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    For my part I’d like to send you my best wishes and I will be thinking of you. I do hope that we get to meet sometime in the near future


  43. Hello Meg,
    We are not family but we saw you and your family on Cash in the Attic. We wish you all good wishes for the future, and will remember you in our prayers. You are an insparation to us all. We also sent a donation to the brains trust.

    Take Care Be Happy and Stay Healthy.

    Joan & Geoff Gibson Milton Keynes

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